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Makin' Stuff

2017-08-23 17:14:15 by epelectric

Making stuff again as I'm super stressed at the moment and doing something creative is helping out. Working on the third of my test series of music, the first two are out and there will probably more.

I'm not doing anything

2010-03-08 18:40:12 by epelectric


might do voice acting but cba. unless....

If i get the guitar volume right then alls well :3


Can't wait to see them. :D

After my epic failure of a remix I've gone done a loop. Hope its alright.

Fucking rate it.

But its not out yet

Dr. Goldar House says: Rate this user's future work motherfuckers!

New material. This time its looped.

Been a while

2009-07-25 19:39:54 by epelectric

I've lost interest in doing stuff on this, unless the audio portal has a bigger makeover than a transexual. You can vote on your own stuff repetitively, how biased can you get?!?

Still gonna be a dark rater for the flash portal, so yeah.

My last project was shit too lol.

Been a while


2009-07-04 15:36:46 by epelectric

No I don't mean I just have an epileptic fit, I mean that I have just come up with my next project for the audio portal!

After watching the ever hilarious Monkey Dust (google it :3) the song Sunshine by Pulp and it's tasty riff just shouted out do a remix sort of thing. So thats what I'm going to TRY. Won't be a quick project either.

P.S. By remix I mean a proper remix, not just the same song going quicker with a shitty thumping bass line going along to it.

P.P.S Some make an animation which is like a Monkey Dust style sketch for newgrounds, I would instant rate it 5 stars

P.P.P.S Only if its good enough :P


2nd Song

2009-06-26 21:21:44 by epelectric

Even though I'll probably never be a mighty person on this site, I still like to keep people updated work.

When I nearly finish this ongoing battle of a project, I realised I had to nail in a shit load of assignment for college. Now the academic year is complete I can return to being slightly creative and put stuff on this site, which of course include my second song cleverly titled That 2nd One

Heres a link for those who can't scroll down a bit


Facebook is 2nd

2009-06-14 13:10:55 by epelectric

For those google chrome users, every time you open a new tab it comes up with your nine most visited websites. Now for the first time since getting chrome Facebook is now second only to ... wait for it ...


If only i can be this enthusiastic about college work



2009-06-06 19:51:34 by epelectric

Got something posted, will add something else soon. Hopefully my first won't be the last.

What I Do!

2009-05-27 17:50:16 by epelectric

Finally I've posted something on this site :D:D:D

even though its still under judgement >:(

After deciding between flash maker, game maker or music maker for the past few months I chose to be the latter (a music maker.) I spent all my nights learning about flash and fruity loops, and found i got to grips with fruity loops more than flash. I just couldn't do it like all the Flash portal legends on this site, they made me feel inferior ( plus my the movies were shit).

If any cares or reads this and gives a hoot then stop stalking me

but because I'm nice CLICK ON ME!

Enjoy it, review it and then attack me with it when I'm older